At Austin Pain Associates, We Take a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Pain Management

When you’re in pain, due to a chronic pain issue or injury, you may feel like your life is on hold. Your ability to perform simple daily tasks, your ability to work or interact with your family and friends, as well as your mental health may all be affected by serious pain.

Our Austin Pain Doctors Combine Cutting-Edge Medicine with Compassion for the Best Treatment Possible

We understand your pain, and we put all our efforts into getting you back to your life, using every tool at our disposal to help you. The approach our Austin pain doctors take is to use whatever treatment or combination of treatments that suits each individual best. Treatment options include:

Behavioral Health

Our behavioral health therapists use psychology-based treatment. We can reverse some of the frustration and depression that comes with coping with the day-to-day impact pain has on your ability to participate in jobs and hobbies or interact with family and friends.

Medication Management

We use the most up-to-date medications to formulate the treatment plan that is best for your pain management. Your medications will be adjusted by our Austin pain doctors, who will also help you manage your medications in a safe, healthy way.

Interventional Procedures

Minimally invasive procedures help Austin pain doctors to not only diagnose the cause of your pain, but also to provide long-term pain relief. We employ many different procedures, including:

    • epidural steroid, facet joint, trigger point and diagnostic injections
    • nerve blocks
    • spinal cord stimulation
    • chemodenervation
    • vertebroplasty

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Exercise, massage, stretching and physical therapy are all used to increase strength, improve the movement of the joints, decrease pain and improve function.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative treatments such as yoga, massage therapy or acupuncture may be recommended as part of the treatment plan your Austin pain doctors will use to help increase flexibility, control muscle spasms or encourage proper body mechanics.

Patients at Austin Pain Associates can expect a different type of pain management.

You can expect us to discuss every aspect of your life that is affected by pain and to use that information to develop a treatment plan that will improve your quality of life in every way possible.

All our focus is on you as a person, not just your pain. The goal of our Austin pain doctors is first and foremost to get you back to your life while managing your pain. Contact us today to get started on your journey.


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