Infusion Centers

Infusion Center of Texas are APA’s state-of-the-art infusion therapy facilities located adjacent to our clinics in Cedar Park, North Austin & Kyle. At our infusion centers, we have the ability to use ketamine and other IV medications to treat many types of chronic pain including complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), neuropathic pain, headaches, and treatment-resistant depression. We are also able to offer clinical trials of certain drugs under study for the US market. Because of our success in treating our patients’ chronic pain with infusion therapies, we have expanded Infusion Center of Texas to our three conveniently located clinics in Cedar Park, North Austin and Kyle.

To schedule an infusion or for more information call 512-416-7246 and press the option for New Patients.


North Austin Infusion Center Map

Cedar Park Infusion Center Map

Kyle Infusion Center Map